Ever wanted to stop and let Life pass by? Smell the Roses ? Not take the busy lane ? Just BE.

Thats exactly how I feel now. Some would refer it as Quarter Life Crisis (M around 24) . Some would think I have had a heartbreak. Its none of the above actually.

Its the need to stop and Breathe.  Its watching movies with friends and fighting over the last piece of pizza. Its want of walking down unknown-unexplored lanes with no destination.

Basically, its doing nothing,as one might put it as Or Doing everything that would be help you be happy.

Its the need of answering the questions in your head that you have avoided for long. Its the act of collecting the broken pieces in yourself and putting the puzzles together. Its being.. Just Being..

So I know I want to let go off things & I wanted to Just BE. I dont know where to start.. To Begin with I am gonna Quit my Job & not take up anything new for sometime.

Next Step – I dont know . I’ll figure it out..eventually..

Till then, Look Around. Breathe. Steal a moment & Smile.

main chala, main chala, iss gali uss gali iss dagar uss dagar, iss taraf uss taraf saath mere chale jindagi ka safar – main chala, main chala.


Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !