Its weird that people push you to your limits and expect you to break all the walls and be there for them..Without any expectation…

For People you LOVE, you do just that..
Be there for them, Get back with them everytime..Give more and more of love to them, with only hope of having some of it back.. Some day..

But then one day, You have had Enough !
And when you are tired , coz one fine day you realise that you cant do it anymore..
One day you realise that maybe its time to see if they can be patient enough to break the wall..
One day you realise you need to know if the people who mean the world to you.. Do you even mean anything at all to them ??

Most of the times.. You’ll be disappointed..Most of the times you’ll be alone..

Most of the times, you are gonna sit in the night and with tears in your eyes, ask yourself.. Am I that Non-Important ? Was none of it Good Enough ? Wasnt it worth it ?

And most of the times – You are gonna sleep with a heavy heart…


If you read this and thought about someone. Please call them. NOW.Maybe they are too angry to answer.Call up again. Maybe they are very rude today, But remember they have been patient all this while, Lets give them the Luxury of having the attention..

Call up and say that “You mean a lot” ..

Call up and say “My Life is Incomplete without U”..

Call up and say’I love U’ !


Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !