Everyone of us probably has at least one person on Facebook , who writes that Music is his/her Life..

So it is True for Many people, For me its is not Life, But Yes! Life would be incomplete without it.. Bland and No Spice.. its like the Love of the Life !

Talking of Music, generally everyone has a Genre they like.. Like one of My friends.. He is Crazy about Rock Music… For me, I like Everything & Anything under the sun, depending upon my Mood..

I Love Queens ( I want o break Free is a favorite.. You can listen to the song here !)

I Love Classic Rock !! (Dream Theater (Learn More & More) is another favorite)

I Love Backstreet Boys, I am crazy about Westlife ( I lay my love on you.. has a special meaning for me.. More on that later)

Hoobastank (The Reason), Highway to hell (AC/DC), Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) are all among my playlists…

I LOVE BOLLYWOOD MUSIC !! (I am from India, and Bollywood Music forms an integral part of our lives)

Old Hindi Film Music on a Sunday Morning with a cup of Kadak Chai … BLISS !!

If you understand Hindi.. or are simply fond of soft Soul Music.. (Music has no Language, after all) Try listening to the below.. They are my fav.. Hope you like them..

  1. Lag Ja Gale (here)
  2. Na Jaane Kyun (here)
  3. Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna (here)
  4. Ishaaron IShaarom mein dil lene waale (here)

Hope you like some of them… More on Music Coming..

Until Next Time,Image