He enters my room, looks at my gloomy face & being the best friend he is, says.. Sugar, Wanna go for a walk ?? I nod and go out with him. We walk and walk , without uttering a single word. Reaching Marine Drive, we both sit down at our usual place.. Everything still unsaid.. Sitting next to him, gazing at the sea.. Such a known feeling.. Nothing around me, just us! I can make out the silence talking. I Realise that he is looking at me with a question in his eyes and mind..Typical him ! Just staring.. I still dont say anything..Am thinking, Stop Staring , just like old times.. And then interupting the silent conversation, I tell him.. “Aditya proposed me !” He is sill looking at me, blankly.. I continue “He says we both will be great together and all that” “So?” comes the question.. “So?” I revert. “What did you say?” “Nothing, what else do I say ?” “So you said a yes ?” “No”, I answer blankly. “You said a no!” I can smell the happiness in his voice. Looking him in the eye, first time in the entire evening, I say, “Yea, I said a No.” “Why ?” “What do you mean by why ?” “Why did you say a no ?” “Cause I dont wanna be with him.”I say ; as a matter of fact. Why ? “Cant you just stop asking questions?” “No, I cant. Why ?” “What why ?” “Why do you not wanna be with him?” “Because.. ” I look below at the sea.Trying to control all the emotions stuck in he form an idiotic tear ready to roll down my eye..I close my eyes, “Nothing !” Ignoring my reply, he asks..” Because ?” Without thinking, I say ” because I want to be with someone else..Okay ? Happy ? ” “Who ?” “Can we stop talking about this ?” “Am asking you something !” “And I am going..” I get up to make a move. “Sugar, Who ?” I stop and look at him with all the love that has been with me for years.. “I want to be with, The Boy who calls me Sugar”..

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !