“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” 
― Jack London


Perhaps the only form of ‘art’ where the canvas can strike back. Tattooing, something that’s existed since the Neolithic Era as a form of art and body modification, has been gaining immense force in recent times. Today, getting a Tattoo done is almost as easy as baking a cake if not easier, not that I have a Tattoo or that I’ve baked a cake (I blame my family for this). 

For a Tattoo artist, your flesh is the canvas. Since every body is unique, he is basically working on a new type of canvas each day. Being a Tattoo artist is thus more complex than answering one of natures calls. It demands a stupendously steady hand and some insane amounts of skill. You could be embellishing someone’s skin forever or just scarring it for life and making them cry!

A tattoo is something that no-one can take way from you.. Not even death.. 

Go Get one.. Am saving money to get one 🙂


Till then,