My grand-daughter Saanjh is 21 & is going through the phase where she doesnt known if she loves this particular guy.. She is unsure..
She thinks asking me a few questions may help her get sorted..I was more than happy to help..
She knew parts of my Life story…We were best friends..
So she begins :
How do u know when sumone is the one.. How did u know he was the one .. ??
I didn’t.. All i knew was that I wanted him to be .. And mayb thats wat it is about..A feeling so strong for someone that it fills ur heart & life .. It doesn’t leave space for any other feeling..

So how did you know you were in Love?
I did not.. Not at first instance atleast..I was 18, and immature and took me endless crying nights, silly fights and another girl in his life to realise that..

And then..she is getting curious..

Then I told him..

She smiled..But I interrupted..No-No , it wasnt that it was happily ever after that..Many heart-breaks and countless sleepless nights followed.. Anyways.. Its d feeling that had made me d happiest person at a point..

Ohk.. Now temme.. Which is the one thing u loved d most about him??
One?? Thats a difficult one.. I was in love with everything about him.. But if U ask me.. It was d way he said my name..
But he didn’t, rite?
I smile.. It was my name for was who I was for him.. Everytime I heard Him say it, My heart skipped a beat..It was magical..
Completing my sentence I looked at the door..My husband was standing there, Staring at me, blushing..
I got up and tripped a little, as always..He came running towards me and held my hand..”Sugar, idiot be careful na..”
All it did was made me hug him and smile..

We looked at Saanjh.. She looked at us and knew the answers to her own questions now..
She leaves the room..

Smiling at me wickedly, he asks By the way, who were u talking about ??
I looked in his old yet gorgeous eyes and said”The Boy who calls me Sugar”

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !