Secretive Writer

Ok, There are people who touch your heart and they remain there forever.. And I wanted to write blogs (posts) for all such people in my life..
So this is about my new friend ‘Mr.N’.. Actually, we know each other for more than a year now.. But have recently found this new friendshp btwn us.. The kindda friendship that none of us have had before..
We take mind-less strolls around town, we sit in middle of this particular ground at weird hours and we talk , talk , talk and talk…
No..Dont think that we are in love.. Actually, He thinks I like him..No, I dont.. Atleast I dont think so I do.. He definately doesn’t like me.. (He hates me for saying this)
We are just friends.. Uhmm.. More than that.. Less than liking.. Middle of that friendship.. Its perfect for us.. He is happily engaged and I am…

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