Lets do it..
No-No… YOU r crazy..
No You r..shut up..
With that he holds her hand and they jump off d cliff into the deep blue sea water..
Meet Laura – Laura Awasthi, unusual name..Just like her..
Talkative yet doesn’t open up and boring yet interesting as Barney describes her..
Meet Barney – An advertisement creative head and travel blogger..
She is the finance head of the company he works for..
They r travelling across the globe to shoot a commercial..
He is already made her scuba dive..
Today was sky diving..


They have known each other only for just 6 months.. Between work and all the travelling.. Laura didn’t realize when Barney became the best friend to her mom, brother to Sakshi (her best friend) and everything she ever wanted.. Still, she wouldn’t tell him so.. She was someone who was scared of being hurt.. The sole reason why she had dodged all the potential relationships so far.. But Barn (As she called him) had his own way..he never gave her a chance to think, to escape.. He just entered her boxed life and opened all the windows..Initially she hated him for it.. But now she didn’t know how to live without him… But her feelings for him were still closed and sealed in the box..
She always thought that Barn wouldn’t love sum1 like her..
Too boring and plane- Jane for him..
She had decided with Sakshi once.
‘The day I’ll meet my perfect guy.. I’ll sing ‘Tumse Milke aisa laga, tumse milke armaan hue poore dil ke.. And confess my love..’ The only person she ever wanted to do it for was Barn..Millions of time.. But what if he laughs at me? What if I lose he friendship ?Am not good enough for him.. All these thoughts and she ignored the feelings.


Today was her b’day..He had arranged for a home theater in the resort they were staying.. He sat up with her watching DDLJ and had arranged for the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy..He had baked a cake for her and ordered her favorite food.. She was touched.. It was time for her gift.. He took her to the other room, blind-folded..
The wall was completely covered by a photo frame..With pictures of her, her family, her friends and them..
She didn’t know how to react and amazed and touched by what she thought was the best gift ever, she turned to thank him… Before she could say something…Barn took out his phone and called up Mom and Sakshi and as soon as they answered he said.. M doing it..Do I have Your permission..They said a yes, rejoiced, wished him luck and left Laura clueless…
He went on his knees and Laura felt as if she stopped breathing..


He then said (sang)
‘Tumse milke aisa laga .. Tunse milke.. Armaan hua poore dil ke..
I know its your song, but I just had to sing it.. I know you think i am crazy but you don’t know that its you that i am crazy about.. YOU make me a better person, you make me believe in God.  you make me believe in forevers and hope for them..you make me happy and lastly you make me complete.
I didnt know when it happned.. But I do know that I wanna spend my life with YOU.. So Ms. Laura Awasthi, will you please, please be mine, for today, tomorrow and forever??

Laura was crying.. She sat on her knees too and hugged him and whispered.
.I thought the frame/ pictures were my best birthday gift ever, I was wrong.. Its You !

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