I was actually on a break from this blog, and writing as well, owing to my exams that begin in May..

But I Read about the Delhi Rape, and couldn’t help but pour my thoughts on my blog..


So have you read about what happened to the Five-year old girl?? I cried.

I read it again, i cried again..the thought of the pain, that I can’t even imagine, what she must have gone through.. Makes me shudder and feel numb, to say the least..

She was left alone to die for two days, her parents were paid by police to shut up and end the matter… Really ?? and if that’s not bad enough, the protesters (read: another female) was slapped by ‘A someone’ who is(was) appointed to protect citizens.. he did a good job, right ? in protecting himself from being a Man ..

I am Speechless..

I am angry, I am sad… I am every bad feeling that God ever made..

They shoved a plastic bottle and three candles in her vagina.. Christ !! She was five.. Somebody who had still not learnt to speak properly.. Someone who had not seen anything, anything at all in life..  Someone who still had to learn to cycle.. Someone who still had to feel and enjoy her childhood, like we all did..someone who – is right now fighting for her life..

We all say that childhood is the best part of your life, can we say the same for this girl.. Those B@$%@#^*$ have taken away all that from her.. And all because they wanted to satisfy their urge to screw up someone and someone’s life..

What happened to that just-another-regular-girl-in-Delhi in December??

Did we forget it.. Oh Yes! Our Government made some plan in her name in the budget, and very conveniently forgot about it..

Not that this was the first rape of our country. That this would be last is beyond imagination.  I cried when I read about her too..

Why ? You wonder..

She was as same age as me . She shared my birth – month & year.. She was just like me, with dreams, hopes and aspirations. You, as my friend, reading this outburst in words, how would you feel if I would have been in her place in that bus? How would you feel if the next morning you tried to call me and found out that I had to go through such a heinous act by mankind just a mere twelve hours back? How would you feel?

That felling is maybe what is missing in people today.

But the least, I was praying for was something as brutal and inhuman like it, never-ever happening again, not to say, to a five year old girl.. 

Sometime ago, I read an article about this woman being raped because she was ‘improperly-dressed’! Another one was because, she was roaming with a guy, at 10 in the night… and so –on… And of-course, my favorite ( get the sarcasm and anger ?) was a certain ‘God-person’ claiming that it was the girl’s fault as she did not refer the rapists as ‘Bhaiya’ (Hindi for brother) .. As much as they make me wanna slap every damn jerk who said it and agreed to it.. All, I wanna ask to all those people is, so, what was wrong with this innocent five-year-old girl? What freaking excuse do you have now?

Hash.. I am disappointed.. 

I am waiting…

I am waiting for an answer..

I am waiting for justice..

I am waiting for punishment for every a$$-h*** that has tried hurting a female, in a any way..

I am waiting for some peace..

and lastly

I am waiting for a safer-better world…