It was a fabulous day.. Not the way it was planned but awesome (details on that later) AND that is how most of us find Happiness – Unplanned..

01st June 2013.

It was a day I met a friend, somebody with whom I have been planning to meet for over than a year but couldn’t.. Finally, We met today..So I thought of doing a post for/of him..

Mr. Friend & I go a long way.. The times when we somehow ended up making friends and chatting on Facebook for sometime..

For some reason (Weird ones, though!) We lost touch..

And then one fine day.. he messaged me saying that He is shifting base to another city that weekend..

22nd November, 2011..

The evening he was about to leave, I called him up to wish him Luck for his new Beginning.. (That, was our first telephonic conversation) and we ended up talking for till wee hours of the morning.. Yeah.. I don’t really know the reasons, maybe we both were trying to get over our heartbreaks (That is another story.. the people whom we were trying to get over were dating each other – Small World I tell you..)

Our calls became more regulars, our conversations more deep.. I don’t know if we were really falling for each other or just helping each other get over the past.. whatever it was, It was nice, beautiful..

None of us “loved ” each other but yeah,

We were crazy, so were our conversation.. We spoke about every damn thing in the world..

We were great friends.. We were important to each other.. But lastly and most importantly ..We made each other Smile !!!Image

However, Sooner than later, I realized , I could not get over “The Boy who called me Sugar” and maybe Mr. “Friend” was just an escape.. Which was wrong, totally..

I didn’t wanna hurt Mr. Friend in the bargain, so I started keeping distance from him.. Meanwhile, Mr. Friend met an old-forgotten school mate who in months become his Soul-Mate..

I was happy and scared for him.. Happy because He was in Love.. Scared because I hope it was Love.. Forever types love..


The Guy I met today, may not be the same person I met 2 years back.. He is less – reserved and more mature then he was..

HE is a married man, today.. happy too , (I hope…. & Touch wood)

But something about him has changed.. something I can’t express.. Hmm.. He smiles more, but seems less happy..I mean Dil se wala happy..

He seems to have made peace with Life…not in a good way though..

He seems to have packed a part of him in a box and promised not to let it out, ever.. The part of him that got attached easily.. The part of him that got hurt.. The part of him that felt happy.. The Part of him that I found missing today..

He seems to be looking for something…… Peace, Happiness, Love, Probably I don’t know.. I just hope he finds it at the right place…..

No ! He is no Sad-Soul.. He is of the few people who can smile easily and brighten up other people’s day.. He is got the sense of humor that would tickle you till days..

He is fun , Loving.. Adorable !

Just that, He is not himself anymore..



All I want him to know is, I am there..

No matter how often or seldom we meet or talk,

No matter which continents we stay in..

we are still under the same sky and I am there.

As I always say.. I’ll be there for you..Today, tomorrow and forever.. πŸ™‚