So all of us have seen ‘Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani’ – I have seen it Thrice..(Crazy , I know)

Amongst so many things that I liked in the movie, one favourite is the dialogue – Guzarta waqt hai aur kharch hum hain..How True, isn’t it ?
Everyone is waiting for a tommorrow..
Wanna spend time with the loved one, It has to wait till tomorrow..
Have to call an old friend, It can wait till tomorrow..
Have to tell someone you love them.. too scares today, I’ll tell tomorrow..

Whats wrong with today, its as good – or – bad as tomorrow maybe..

Life is very unpredictible..

You may end up doing things you thought you could never do..
And things that you planned may not be completed..
The Best you can do with this is..(as said in the movie)..
Kuch na kuch toh chutega hi, jo abhi hai usi ka maza lo..

Decide whether you wanna live in the moment or go by plan..Most often, Plans will go for a toss..
so Stop,
look around..
Go hug someone..
Go say I love you, to someone you love..
Just Live..
Follow you heart..

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.