He looks at her.. He knows she likes him.. He likes that, but not her..
She looks at him..n hopes that maybe one day she would know how it is to be liked by him..

She is nice.. She is his good friend.. but the place for someone speacial is already taken..
She has made the place vacant for him..

He likes spending time with her.. but it doesnt make him as happy as much it makes her..

He would not go out of his way to spend time with her..She does it all the time..

It doesn’t make him smile everytime he thinks of her..
He is all she thinks about during the day, with a stupid – no – reason smile on her face..

He worries for her, but she would give up on anything just to see him smile..

He leaves her alone when she asks for it, his similar request goes unheard all the time..

He waits for her to the best he can..She waits for him till he comes..

He finds it nice to sit with her and talk , alone..She spends her day looking forwards to it ..

Once in a while he wears her favourite shirt, she looks in the.mirror every morning n think ye kamine ko aaj achha lagega ki nahi..

He spends his weekends with the love of his life, she spends it wishing to.be with him..

He works on weekends with a sad face, she comes to office only to make sure the sad face doesnt stay..

He does a lot of things for her, Bt he would do it for.someone.else too..
She does things for him, Its only for him though..

She is not unique for him, He can never be replaced in her life..

He is a wish..She is real..

He is everything she would want rite now..She is everything he doesnt know he has..


Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.