Happy Things 🙂

1. Finding a good book.

2. Writing something you’re satisfied with.

3. Coffee. Especially Filter Coffee.

4. Good Music. That’s any music that makes you happy.

5. Family.

6. Dark Chocolate.

7. Grandparents.

8. Friends.

9. Finding a piece of instrumental music you’ve been looking for for ages.

10. Siblings.

11. The Sea.

12. MOD.

13. When people come back after a long time.

14. The Bandra-Worli Sealink.

15. Feeling tall.

16. Good pizza (not necessarily authentic, just good, I’m not fussy that way).

17. Masala Chai.

18. Meeting an old friend after a long time.

19. Airports.

20. Travelling.

21. Surprises.

22. Running into someone you had nearly forgotten.

23. Getting a difficult math sum right in the first attempt.

24. Finishing something difficult.

25. Looking through old photographs.

26. Hotel room beds.

27. Singing.

28. Pianos & upbeat piano pieces (like Private Detective by Philip Lane).

29. Suits.

30. Dressing up.

31. Watching someone you love get married.

32. Sugarcane juice in south Bombay.

33. Old TV shows like Full House and Different Strokes.

34. Waking up and finding out you have hours left to sleep.

35. Turning your phone on after a long time (like after a long vacation) and seeing 3456789 unread messages.

36. Receiving email from real people.

37. Old Hindi songs.

38. Trains.

39. Old notebooks filled with snippets of writing.

40. Shiny-glossy-post haircut-set-and-blowdried-hair.

41. School 😀

42. Getting accepted for publishing!

43. Being productive.

44. Fighting procrastination.

45. Sambar.

46. Nice movies.

47. Pretty pictures.

48. Good TV Shows like – Castle, White Collar, Make it or break it, New Girl.

49. Songs that seem to be the story of your life.

50. The Scientist by Coldplay

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.