I honestly dont know..Humare beech mein kya hai..

 All I know is, I have to just turn around and.look at him to smile..

All i know is that he makes staying late nights in office worthwhile..

All I know is everytime I see him smile, My heart just falls.for.him all over again..

All i know everytime I am with him, the world seems like a better place..

All I know is that he makes me wanna hug him  everytime I see him sad and take away all his pain..

All i know is every road, every corner in town reminds me of him..

All I know is that I Lie & Die to spend my evenings with him..

All i know is that everytime he holds my hand, I dont wanna let it go..

All I know is I cant help but like .him.more when he gets possesive about me..

All I know is I get super jealous when i see him etting close to other girls..

All I know is if he reads this he will give a killer smile & think am totally crazy..

All I know is that for whatever time he is part of my life.. he makes it Complete..

I have been happy earlier..bt this ia different...but this happy is special..

 I dont know what it is..between us..It doesnt have a name..I dont need one for it..

Sometimes it seems its nothing..Just a passing.phase..Two people spending their day almost together, tend to fall for each other..It happens..Its usual, I guess..

Maybe its nothing for him..Its all one sided..

But then, A part of me knows it may not be usual..

This is once in a lifetime person..
There wont be another him..

He is everything I needed but didn wish for..

He is a gift..

He is my blessing..

He is my smile..

He is my unsaid - bt answered prayer..

He is my Mr. N !