Jai and Meera..

Jai – A 27 year old , funny, Good – Looking , little (more than that, actually) crazy guy..

Meera- 25 year old..pretty, Simple,  Head- Strong girl..

They are friends.. Not best ones..a term he doesn’t like to use.. But ya, she is the closest friend he has ever had..

They had met each other in Office.. From being Colleagues to being friends.. Friends to becoming good friends and then to being best friends (She belived in that word..He was the best) ..and from that to being whatever their relationship was now..

They were so similar in their thinking, but still different in their own way..
They both didnt use the word ‘Love’..for Jai it was non-existing..For Meera it was too big a word to be used..

He always said he was an open book but she knew he rarely expressed himself..
Meera on the other hand was reserved to the world but for him she was different.. she told him every thought.. Every expression..She felt as if she could just breathe and be herself with him..

They loved the same kind of movies..Same music..and every time they saw something new on television, it would remind them of each other and make them smile to themselves..

They had their own song too..that was also the ringtone of thier phones..it reminded them of each other..and everytime their phones rang in office, the other person smiled..

At times, they were just good friends to each other..but most of the times..They were much more than that..
Both are looking for a word for what they shared…

Meera is crazy about him..
She is that extreme type of person.. Love, hatred, being possesive..all her emotions and ways to express them are extreme..Pyaar hai toh ya toh batayegi nahi .. Bataya toh zyada hi jata deti hai..
Jai is the sober version.. Pyaar – wyaar nahi.. Sirf dosti hoti hai.. N meera was his frnd.. A very special one..

They were each others best kept secret..

They had been together for few months.. Together in a sense..only they knew..Going to places and sitting alone for hours..Hiding from every possible person..
She sometimes wondered what she was doing..Jai was the only one guy she had let come close to..Jai was someone who didnt like her back but yet she knew she was special to him..
Few times she had felt that she wanted more.. She wanted him to like her too.. Be crazy about her too, but then she knew that was too much to ask for.. Bt most of the times she was happy with what she was to him..
. She was content..She knew
A soul can feel in this particular way only once..Jai had already felt that way for Aditi..Aditi is Jai’s fiancé, Would-be wife and most imporatanly – the love of his life..Ya ! he laughs everytime Meera says it..but she knows it.. The maximum possible emotion, he can feel for anyone,  He feels it for Aditi..
It doesnt hurt Meera.. A little pinch and she is fine.. Coz this is what she had signed up for..falling for a guy already in love with someone else.. This was gonna happen.. But for her.. It was worth it.

Was the last day of her office.. Also the last day of whatever they had shared..
Coz she was getting married in 4 months time..
They had mutually decided to end it on a good note, the practical creatures that they were..
They had decided to spend the day together..
She had wanted him to take to watch her favourite movie – DDLJ but knew he wouldn’t want to..
He had wanted to spend the day with her at her home but knew she may not be

So they did what they do best.. Sat on a beach.. And spoke for the whole day.. Saw their favourite movie on his phone..Played their game of truth..heard their music..and spoke like they wont be getting another chance to talk..


The way they looked at each other today was different..it was like they wanted to capture each other forever.. Like they were not gonna see each other ever again..Which was true in a sense.. They wouldn’t meet like this again.. Even till date, they were  so normal before others. No-one could sense what they had.. And going ahead.. Thats how it would have to be..They would have to put all their memories for each other in a box and lock it in heir hearts..

She held on to his hand for the entire evening.. Coz she knew today when she leaves his hand..she wont be able to hold it again.. She would miss it teribbly..

He on the other hand was sad but he knew this was gonna happen..He was always like that.. Making peace with stuff..

As the sun set.. She held his hand more tightly.. And he held her.. They put on their song.. N just looked at the beach..

All they both could see were the visuals of the time they spent..from their breakfast in canteen..the outings.. Their own time..everything..
She could feel his heartbeat..she wanted the moment to stay forever..she wanted time to stop..
They knew this was the moment they both would treasure forever..

It was time for her to leave..She picked her bag.. She didnt want him to drop her today..It would be too difficult..

They both got up..

‘So, this is it !’ she looked at him..with tears filling her eyes..
He just nodded and gave her a sad but one of his killer smile..
She had a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.. She was still holding his hand.. Nothing before had felt soooo difficult to leave..
But she knew she had to.. The expiry date of what they shared was decided even before it had begun.. She had to Let Him Go..

He said.. Dhyan rakhna apna.. Mujhe zyada miss mat karna..

She said.. Jaa.. Tujhe miss kaun karega..

Jaa .. Jaa.. Hamrsha bolti rehti hai..Aaj toh bata hi de kahan jaoon..

She started smiling .. Kamina..

Ab kaun kamina bulayega mujhe..

Mil jayegi koi nayi..

Na re.. Teri jaise hot koi kahan..


And she started crying between her smiles..

And before she knew it.. He hugged her..

They both knew this was it..
He left her.. She looked at him… She left him.. And started walking..He stood where he was..
His smile, his dimples were missing..Shr couldn’t leave him like this.. She had to give him a smile before she leaves..
So before she left him forever, She stopped..turned around and said..
‘Hum milenge toh zaroor..kyunki ye duniya bahot choti hai aur ye zindagi bahot lambi..’

He smiled at her , And said..
Tum humesha correct baat bol deti ho jaaneman..


It was the Last Galnce.

Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.