I have this friend who is been in a relationship for 10 years now.. Still if I ask him how much he loves his Girl, All I hear is “I don’t believe in Love’
He is not the only one.. Its Me too..I dont believe in it either.
I meet a lot of people who are completely in love with their partners.. But may never say so.. For some Love is too big a word.. For some, Love and its confessions are thing for Teens..
For mature people, Its about the comfort they share with each other.. Love.. It may be there !
..(At times, that list includes me too)
It just gets me thinking..Then exactly what is love..I am the Movie – inspired love person..At Times, I believe Love is the over-the-Top , sweep me off my feet kindda love..

Iam confused.. SO is everyone..

So, as always I turned to Google.. I typed love is.. Oh Yes, I did !
D answers I got were :
Love is Blind
Love is life
Love is friendship(seems  has had too much effect on colleagues)
So basically love has its own vision.for everyone..

N Then i met someone..Who hugged me and put my broken peices together..Ya this time though..It wudn’t be my heart but my soul that would be torn apart..Coz the person hugging me was a dream..
Bt then how could I let go of what we had..
It was God sent..

He made me realise ..Love, if there exists snmethin like that. .. then love is to be able to be yourself..The worst of yourslef, with someone..Love is to be able to see yourslef in someone’s eyes..Love is to be safe in someone’s heart..Love is to be someone’s mirror..


Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.