The heading. Sitting for past 15 min, that’s all I could write.

Type. Delete. Type something new. Repeat.

I have no food for thought today. I have a blank canvas to paint. All I have is a feeling, to pour my thoughts on this word-sheet and color the canvas in such a way, that it makes someone (read : my bestieeeeee ) Smile.

I look at an old picture today and laugh at how funny I look. Oh Yeah, I still look funny, I know. Bt I looked hilarious in that pic taken some 7 years back. But there is this raw innocence in my eyes, which I kind-da miss today.

I was someone who had seen only the good life. I was a girl who had never loved, never been hurt and never been “that way happy’ either. Today I am past many heartbreaks (mine and others), Many failures and manyyyyyyy happy moments. I have realized that life isn’t always black or white but a constant shade of gray. I have realized that not everyone is meant to stay in your life, so live every moment to the best – Say it all, coz there won’t be another chance. Learnt that when people go, Its best to let Go coz holding on doesn’t really change anything.

But, yes, there will be few, very few, who will stick by you, no matter what. Go tell them that you love them – coz of a reason or otherwise, say it loud to be heard by their heart.

Today as I see it, there are many wrong decisions and a few good ones. But there are none that I regret. Things may have not turned out as I wanted them to be.. but, yeah ! they aren’t that bad either.. They are almost good.

One thing I learnt in my 25 years of {Gorgeous} life, is that Life moves on. Something better comes along, always. Never give up on Hope. It is the second strongest feelings humans have. Be Human , Be super-Hopeful. Let God do his Job, He is, you know, perfect at it.

GOD! This is turning out to be letter to my younger self , no ?? Ewww, I am not that old, yet. I have millions of mistakes to make and thousands of things to be happy about in the future. But Ya, if at all, I do have to say something to ME (7 years back – Me), All I would say is… It’s been good. It’s gonna get better, If not – let Go of whatever doesn’t seem worth your time. No I don’t mean my exams in these, failures counted, every time I think of it, I want that CA ahead of my name, Its worth the pain. YA, still is !

It still doesn’t work, Go Hug someone who makes your life happy and eat on some nice food. Life is gonna be a bliss !

Life is not about the guy you had to let go of or the exam you flunked or the fight with parents (FYI – its kind-da her mistake, most of the times).. It’s about ME! – writing this hoping, God! Is she gonna think I still have it in me? :/

Kidding, Life is about the butterflies before meeting him and the cant-let-go-of stupid smile.. Is about the Book shopping and trying on new food thanks to it, It’s about my writing ka keeda during exams and mostly its bout you and the smile right now.

I just realized I have not written anything in sync with my title :p or have I ?

Uhh.. Ok So ya.. to my past 25 years.. Gosh , Cheers !! You have been awesome and I am Blessed. To my next 25 years. Watch out, we are gonna have some crazy fun , coz I have miles to go before I sleep …


Smile More. Laugh often. Love Always !

Miss S.