Watching the DDLJ scene station – Main nahi aunga scene.. i think to myself.. What if it wasnt a movie.. what if all this was real..Then in my non-optimistic practical story..Raj wouldn’t have said main nahi aunga.. giving away the secret that he is fallen for Simran.. rather would have made a happy face and congratulated her.. Then there would not be a self realization of being in love song.. bt a sad letting go song.. In my version..simran would have to go back to India and marry that @$#&&# Kuljeet.. n the only people who would live happily ever after would be thier parents..

Uhh… too sad for u???

Ok !!

Lets take it further.. 5 years later.. simran and Kuljeet are divorced and simran is finally free.. She goes to Europe.. coz in her own way.. thats the only place that makes her feel close to Raj.. like he is around..
She sits every night to herself and thinks only if she had said something on the station that day.. probably then ..meri zindagi ka rukh kuch aur hota.. meri zindagi ka dukh kuch aur hota…

Simran had left her 5 difficult years of marriage behind and moved on.. She has started afresh working in a book shop.. always running around with a copy of the book she was reading in the train when she met Raj..

One fine day.. running late for work.. In a hurry to reach the book shop.. unrealising that she s running for the wrong train..  She caught a stranger s hand.. The moment she got in.. the world stopped.. Raj.. a little mature look.. bt still d innocence of his eyes was the same.. Raj on thw other hand still couldnt believe that it was Simran.. he thought he was imagning her, like he had done for past 5 years..speechless.. memories flashed..
Simran.. How have u been.. its been ages.. how is ur husband.. Are you here on a vacation.. Few questions that he could utter.. and a few that stayed in his heart.. Like theh have..all these years..

Still dumbstruck.. Simran smiled.. shaked her head.. and before she could say something.. he said lets sit and talk.. and forgetting all about reaching her book shop.. they sat in a cafe..

Raj’s questions were answered with lot of stories, tears and a proud smile of surviving it all..  every word made him regret the silence of the station day..

Sipping on coffee.. Simran asked about Raj.. Raj moved to Europe for the same reason as Simran.. though he didnt say so.. He hadnt married anyone.. when asked the reason.. He looked at d book in Simran’s hand.. He thought for a while.. He thought of how he had let go of that moment to express his love and regreted it all this time.. he thought of not being able to meet simran ever…and then He looked in her eye..and said khud ko aur us ladki ko ek station pe hi chod aaya tha.. shaadi kahan se karta..
Those words.. the world stoppd..
Simran smiled with tears of joy and Hugged him..
This was it.. The Moment..- where all the lonliness both had lived in for past 5 years vanished.. the moment where all the unsaid-unexpressed love was said without saying anything.. the Moment of Another chance..

So ya.. this wasnt just another take at DDLJ… it is for everyone to know that you might not be as lucky as  Raj & Simran.. So if you have someone in your life who makes you mad and irritates the hell out of you.. bt you still wanna see yourself grow old with that person ..
Someone who you wanna wake up next to for the rest of your life..
Someone who you think is all wrong for you and still all right..
Someone you dont know why you love…
Go say so.. Go say that.. agar tumhari shaadi ho rahi hoti main nahi aata.. go say.. you are my Raj / Simran.. go say.. Be mine and make me yours..coz  there wont be another chance..