1000 weeks to my favourite movie 😊😊😊

Secretive Writer

Watching the DDLJ scene station – Main nahi aunga scene.. i think to myself.. What if it wasnt a movie.. what if all this was real..Then in my non-optimistic practical story..Raj wouldn’t have said main nahi aunga.. giving away the secret that he is fallen for Simran.. rather would have made a happy face and congratulated her.. Then there would not be a self realization of being in love song.. bt a sad letting go song.. In my version..simran would have to go back to India and marry that @$#&&# Kuljeet.. n the only people who would live happily ever after would be thier parents..

Uhh… too sad for u???

Ok !!

Lets take it further.. 5 years later.. simran and Kuljeet are divorced and simran is finally free.. She goes to Europe.. coz in her own way.. thats the only place that makes her feel close to Raj.. like…

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