What can I tell you about that feeling… That feeling when you are around, when time just stops and every heartbeat is accounted for.


When you give one half of that smile and the coolness of the breeze that blows around us just disappears. When we greet each other and make small talk, all the while looking for an excuse for an embrace. When we walk side by side, slowing each others footsteps hoping deep in our hearts that this moment somehow lasts a little longer that it should. When our hands accidentally brush each others and when nothing is said…


hen you ask a question and then look up to me with those unflinching eyes. When you listen to every word I say with bated breath and acknowledge my answers with that slow smile of yours. When you laugh at all my poor attempts at jokes, all the while complaining about my sense of humor. When its time to depart and you give me that embrace that is always a moment too short. When I watch you walk away slowly, with a silent wish on my lips; to have enough breaths remaining to see you just one more time…

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