Of late, life has been so messed up… Its Tangled.. Its URGHHHHH !!!!

Today morning was worst.. & am exhausted now.. with all the shit in my life… so.. here I am.. trying to pull some peace in my head through this post.. by writing a list of things that I am grateful for…

I am grateful.

Today I am grateful …

for velvet blue sky
for white lilies..
for laptop & internet
for chilled water
for hugs.. (especially his!)
for silliness.. mine
for hot showers
for dreams
for colors
for my bags
for a 50 rupees in my jeans’ pocket
for good friends..
for cellphones.. i miss u neo 😦
for the song in my head.. love will keep us alive..
for fairy tales & happily ever afters.. i need a doze of that now..
for kisses.. ahem 🙂
for hard work..
for this blog
for written words
for tinkling of windchimes,, uhh.. i so love them
for waves at sea.. and d sound..
for my smell.. (someone loves it)
for miracles.. in a need of it.. EMERGENCY BHAGGU !!
for a heart to Love..
for my courage and strength..
for my Goofy.. My Sunshine
for Him..for us..