So I asked my Goofy to write something for me .. This is what she wrote.. and that is why she is My Sunshine 🙂

God. Thank U ! (Bless her)


Write something for me scares d creeps out of me. Its 1 of d diff things 2 do espc given d fact I’m ur (1)31 fan… but yes im gona do dis coz it’l bring that ray of smile on that gloomy face (given al d stuff thts hpnin).. Dis is a diff time for u n I know u’l get through dis. n I’ve never been more sure in lyf whn I’m saying dis, its al hpnin for a reason n d puzzle will unfold wit time n den dis will allllllll mk sense. Trust me dis pain dis suffering is worth it( I know its easier 2 say than bear. N m not in ur plc) bt yes it will b over n seem lyk a worst nightmare. Till den al I nid u 2 do is trust b strong n hold on ( that’s ur forte) n remb ur not alone ( most of d time wit d distance n constraints u may feel allll alone) he n ur sunshine wer r and will always b der. I repeat he n ur sunshine wer r n will always b der ( eventhough most of d times it may seem d other way). Hope dis small writeup put up a qtr of a smile on ur face ( ur writings always put up a biggggggg smile though)
P.S. (ur style ) I love u

P.P.S Me loves you more