Context of this song is as beautiful as the song itself. Its about being in love with someone who in turn loves someone else. The protagonist questions his love and talks to his heart asking if what he feels is love.

Its music and included poetry by Javed Akhtar is so brilliant that every time I listen to the soundtrack I want to watch the movie again. The concept of the movie is something very close to my heart, its about being in love and giving the one you love the absolute freedom to love whom they want and yet do justice to the feelings in your heart. Its one of the few movies that despite its visible flaws explains a very complicated way of thinking, something that is almost absent in recent movies.

There are two verses in the song that are so brilliant that they make me extremely emotional when I listen to the song. They are:

Woh mera rasta bhi hai, aur woh hi manzil
Woh mera sagar bhi hai, aur woh hi saahil


Ummeed tune aye mein dil koyi nahi hai
Tere zidd mein aye dil sadd afreen hai
Kyun yeh junoon hai, kya zustju hai
Aakhir tujhe kyun, yeh aarzoo hai

The former talks about what the one you love should mean to you. Its deeply philosophical and maybe thats why I love it that much. The latter talks about the persistence of the heart. The poet in the these lines says he bows down to the persistence of his heart, not because of its arrogance but because of the sacrifices it chooses to make and yet not quit.