1. I love compliments. Like really. But, when someone actually compliments me, I just can’t take them with a simple ‘Thank you.’ I have to try n deny it, make a joke out of it, change the topic or something as silly.
2. When I get angry or upset or hurt, I shut down n act very indifferent. I’m cold, then. N there’s no time when I hate myself more.
3. I’ve never had a fracture. N call me crazy but, I really want to have one. So that I can feel special when people sign my cast. 
4. I’ve also never had chicken pox or some sort of disease that most people get when they are younger,n I fear that I’ll catch something of that sort during a very important phase in my life. :/
5. When faced with people I am simply acquainted with, I generally prefer to die. I cannot make small-talk if my life depended on it. I just can’t. Sometimes, they get the impression that I don’t like them n sometimes, it’s true; but, most of the times, it’s just because I’m a very socially awkward person.  The truth is- most of the times I want to talk to them, I just don’t know how to.
6. I love the smell of old, old books n paper. It’s probably my second favourite smell. The first being wet ground & him 🙂
7. Crying in front of people makes me feel very, very weak. I know that’s not how one should think n all that, but still. However, this does not hold true for other people crying in front of me. 
8. Someday, I want to teach children in rural areas or slums. I wanna do this so bad 🙂
9. A way to get into my good books is to laugh at my jokes and care for my people. There’s nothing sexier to me than a guy who’s laughing at a joke I told him and then asks me about my maa. 
10. I am the most annoyingly opinionated person ever. I take time to judge people, but then end up sticking to my theories forever. Almost always.
11. I love imagining faces in clouds and uneven walls ..
12. The kinda music which is popular these days disgusts me. I can’t listen to hip-hop n rap unless I’m partying n don’t care what I’m dancing to. 
13. I can’t sing or dance. But, I get mega offended when someone else points that out to me.  I use Avada Kedavra several times on them in my head.
14. I still get cheap thrills when my best friends of years say that I’m their best friend.
15. In a relationship, non-awkward silences n being each other’s best friend are big for me. 
16. Random cravings for stunningly random foods such as pani puri paani n cake n Ma’s aloo-ki-kachori & Icecream are very common when you’re me.
17. My ego is huge n very fragile. If you mess with it, I’m going to hate you forever n wish that you fall in a hole n die a slow painful death. (ok, I made it sound bad)
18. I’m very sadistic. When I watch people suffer, I feel happy. Not nice people. Just people who are in the mentioned Fall In A Hole N Die list.
19. I love my family. but I love my friends equally, They mean the world to me 🙂
20. Even though I’m tiny, I hit hard. 
21. I’m not a morning person. Period.
22. Clicking pictures of people is something I love doing. Also, I like being candidly clicked. If I had things my way, I’d record every interaction with a few people n then sit with a tub of popcorn n watch.
23. Surprisingly, I have been brutally honest in this post. Generally, I’m a very closed person. Writing is easier, I guess.
24. I’m very patient. Very. Very ! but once I lose it, It’s gone. Similarly I don’t give up on people but once I do, no going back.
25. My biggest fear is losing people I love and missing trains !