I know we haven’t been in touch.. sadly, The reason is not in our control.. I just want you to know that you are missed and there a thousand things I wanna talk to you..

I feel I haven’t spoken to myself since I haven’e spoken to you..

More than being a best friend, being a habit.. You had become the way I spoke to myself.. Urghhh.. God ! I miss you..

So much to talk, and no way I can but I know.. u know..

I know you are there..

I know you know that I loveeeeeeeeeee you..

Comment if you miss me too (Ugh.. I know, you might type a whole line & then delete the wholee things and smile and say.. Idiot :).. Aye, there it is..the Goofy smile..

Tk care..

God bless 🙂

P.s : I Love you, Always !