Ananya was born in a traditional Brahmin family where, girls couldn’t sit next to their elders and faces were still covered with Ghungat(Veil)..However, Ananya was the black sheep of the family..She chose a career which no-one approved of. She was a true work-a-holic and worked for nights which again, created issues in her family as “ladkiyan der raat tak kaam nahi karti’. She had believed that you live life only once and she wanted to live it completely.. but she knew she didn’t wanna hurt anyone.. So, the live-life-at-my-own-terms Ananya was often pushed away giving place to the bhartiya-nari Ananya.. It was a ok-ok kindda life, until, she fell in Love with Krish. He was the friend who had seen her cry over heartbreaks and loved her then. He had seen her at her worst and loved her then. HE had simply loved her at all phases of life. IT took her a lot of time and arguments with herself to finally accept her Love for him.. bcoz she knew it wasn’t gonna be easy with him.. they had a 4 year age gap with her being on the elder side, cast differences, their parents were, almost, full of hatred for each other.. ughh ! but everytime he saw her.. it felt like the world stop and they knew it was worth it.. Then the unfortunate happened, she was married to a guy of her parent’s choice. She hated the guy but her dad’s ill health and family pressure made her succumb to the marriage. It took her just a week to realize it was her biggest mistake of her life. She confronted to her parents of her un-happiness only to realize that they don’t/won’t understand..For her parent’s happiness..she gave it another shot..6 months of a dead relationship..She knew it was a mistake but she thought she owed her parents that much.. 6 months later: Packed Bag. Teary Eyes. Anger. Alone.It’s over. This is not gonna work, ever. Whatever the reason might be.. none of the two people involved deserve a relationship which is empty. Maybe things might just get worse from here. Being Divorced is not easy and definitely not for the fairer sex but being in a house and regretting it every moment is worse than that. No matter how difficult, turning the page may seem like.. It’s time to start over..It’s time to start a new Life 🙂 Current Day: Setting up our new home.. White & Blue Curtains ? What Say? and white walls ? Krish just doesn’t help :/ lazy bones ! Ok, Krish is ordering some pizza, while I am thanking God for him and our Home. We looked this place at !! It’s perfect for our New Life ! It’s actually more than perfect 🙂