Our life is kind of Mechanical. We get up – work– sleep. Repeat. I was thinking I was having fun with my life until one day I paused and looked back to find myself doing the same stuff, day-in and day-out. I never took a new route to work, nor experimented a new stall at cafeteria, or a new dish at my favorite restaurant. It’s always been preset for me. I make sure things are that way, without even my knowledge. Although there are a million things I haven’t tried out yet, I will list a few of my firsts first ! 😉

First Movie – Bol Radha Bol.. I still watch it everytime its on TV.

First Phone – Sony Ericsson Walkman. God knows how much I showed-off ! 😀 😛

First Salary – Salary would be 28th September, 2011

First Love –  Shahrukh Khan.. UFF ! those eyes…

First Book : Famous Five..

First Blog : secretivewriter.wordpress.com

So, when was the last you did something for the first time ?

P.S A to Z challenge