“It’s no use having light if you don’t open the curtains.”  said Saanjh pulling up the curtains. The sunrays beamed and touched Kavya’s room and lit it up.. Kavya looked at Saanjh and though to herself ” It’s so easy for Saanjh to say all this optimistic lines.. she’s always had it all so easy.. she s slim and confident.. she ll get any guy.. unlike the fatty me.. Sameer left me.. what issues does she have in life.. her perfect life..” Disrupted by a pat on the shoulder from Saanjh..”Kavya.. let’s go out.. It’s a beautiful day!” Saanjh wanted to cheer up her l’il friend.. Saanjh took her for lunch to Kavya’s favourite restaurant.. ordered her favourite food.. and still not a single smile appeared on Kavya’s face.. “Kavya, i know it’s difficult.. but you can’t let all this take away your life.. I am not saying its ok.. i am saying.. It will be” “Saanjh.. It’s easier said then done.. you say you understand, you don’t .. you don’t know what is it to be dumped by the boy who you loved.. to be all alone..to be heartbroken” Saanjh grinned ” Actually I do.. When I was your age.. You ended a two-month relationship.. I was through an end of a two-year old relationship without even a goodbye.. I saw him moving on to another girl without even ending it with me.. I made friends with his girl and lived my pain for days.. but you know what.. five years later.. IT got over.. cause I believed it will.. Cause I have believed that it is the darkest before the dawn.. Cause everything becomes okay by the end..” “And now I have a messed up life.. I love someone and my parents are set to get me married to someone I hate…” “What.. How .. why ?” Kavya was stunned.. “Dont worry!  i still think it will be okay.. I will be happy.. sooner or later! So you see my life isn’t perfect.. but then I know it will get better..it will be okay” A light was dawning in Kavya’s head. Life had handed Saanjh some pretty pathetic cards too, but her secret was in how she dealt with them. Her curtains were always open. Kavya hugged Saanjh and wiped the tears. Saanjh smiled through the tears, like she had always done..and Kavya promised herself to keep the Curtains open..No matter what the weather she was determined not to miss out on those sunny days. #Optimism