Following are some of the wonderful, beautiful & surprising things to happen to a person, in no particular order (All experienced. Mostly! ).

  1. To wake up to the sound of the music in your dreams or even birds chirping!
  2. To witness a sunrise or sunset…it’s glorious I tell you…& the smell of mint leaves, arriving rain, wet earth, flowers and books!
  3. To listen to beautiful music…Old Hindi Songs.. Soft Songs 😀
  4. To find everything perfect in your house after you haven’t been there for a week..
  5. To have a loved one hug you and tell you they love you.
  6. To get a surprise gift.
  7. To help someone in genuine need or make someone else happy
  8. To feel blessed and to realise how great God is…
  9. To fall in love, all the manifestations are included here & to love and be loved!
  10. To finally get something you’ve been yearning for (A wish fulfilled or even finishing the last paper!)
  11. To laugh long and loud.
  12. To fell se*y and have people appreciate you.
  13. To drink cold water when you’re parched and to eat when you’re hungry or even have anything specially yummy (Which could be anything at a specific moment) but specially chocolate and toast sandwiches.

P.S. Science Fact: You become happy because of the enzyme/chemical called dopamine.

Some irritating things:

  1. To have chewed chewing gum stick to you (Yuck…you feel like strangling the person who left it there!).
  2. To be blocked or pushed away when you’re bubbling with happiness and want to say something.
  3. To be shaken awake when you’re in the middle of a beautiful dream or are really sleepy.
  4. To Not get something you really really want.
  5. To put poked, put down, insulted before people you know or want to know(like at a party and you end up seeing that college bully who made your life hell then, and now is going to ruin your chances of ever impressing the attractive girl or guy you’ve been wanting to go out with forever but were planning to ask today!).
  6. To regret (It’s bad, sometimes awful because you can’t change anything).

Yes, so that’s for my ‘Bad and Beautiful’ blog. Not very inspired writing but you need to be in the element to write these things with passion and fervour…so I’ll try to edit this when I’m in a blacker or more buoyant mood!

Until then…

Blog Question: Isn’t love selfish too? At least from the human side, I mean. We’re interested, i.e., love the other person only because he/she shows more interest in us than we take in ourselves…so isn’t it a kind of reciprocation?