Starting each day with a fake smile and
silently hopeful heart..
I look at the road from my window,
wishing to find my true path.

If just for today i can hold on,
tomorrow will bring a new song:
one that promises comfort and love,
one that sheds light on this dark road,
one that i can sing even without a voice,
one that fills the empty noise.

So here i go again, I know some day I’ll win.
Till that day don’t arrive,
I’ll look for my sunshine.

Giving up is easy,
the easy way has a dead end.
But, sometimes,often too many I stand and stare at the sign.
Until the wind whispers to me, “keep walking, you’ll be fine”.

If, just for today I keep walking,
tomorrow I’ll have moved on.
The journey may not be easy but,
the road won’t seem so long.
So here I go again, I know, someday I’ll win.Till that day don’t arrive, I’ll look for my sunshine.

Many years have passed by,
time don’t seem so slow.
I may or may not be so eager,
to know what the future holds.
But, I know I’ll still keep going,
walking with a limp.
I may have a broken leg, yes!
But, I ain’t giving up just yet.
The road ahead may have a crack too many,
but, my will is still intact.
The sky may turn gray & gloomy,
no storm can stop me now.

I know I have strength left in me,
even when I’m spent.
And just for today I’ll pick me up,
for there ain’t no looking back now.
No turning back the clock, no! I can’t stop here.

No, not now.
This ain’t my home,my time. So, here i go again.
I know…I believe, I know someday,
Yes, someday, I will win!
Until that day don’t arrive, I’ll be here.
Tomorrow, there.
Holding on to the song.
Walking forward, moving on.
Looking…waiting…hoping. Looking for my sunshine.