Sitting in the corner of a room.. All I hear is the Voices in my head..

I am at a very important-cum-difficult-cum-Life changing stage of my life.. and at this moment, all i have is the voices in my head..

And I have multiple voices :

Voice 1 : Move to Bangalore. Forget all ties. Start Over !!
Voice 2 : Suicide. Its easy-simple.
Voice 1 : Shut up! she is not a loser..
Voice 2 : It’s not about being a loser.. It’s doing what seems easy and right for her..
Voice 1 : Right ? How can giving up a life be right ?
Voice 2 : it seems so to me..
Voice 1 : whatever !!
Voice 3 : Forget everything.. move to himachal.. take sanyas..
Voice 1 : and Him?
Voice 3 : He will find some-one..
Voice 1 : Why should her ? I wanna be with him..
Voice 3 : Someone better than you.. He deserves better..He kind-off has some-one else na.. he will be happy with her..
Voice 1 : Shut up ! Shut up ! shut up..
Voice 3 : Listen..
Voice 4 : (Random) You know what.. Derek died..
Voice 1 : Huh ? Really ?
Voice 4 : What ? It is sad.. She loved him !
Voice 3 : See.. Stuff like this.. that’s why she should take Sanyas..
Voice 1 : Oh Pleeeeasee.. Get a life..
Voice 5 : Could she…
All the voices in Chorus : Noo

and before the voices could make me crazy beyond my imagination.. He pinged.. and the voices buzzed off for now 🙂