You Only Live Once (YOLO), something that I have started believing all the more for the past some years..

All of us are blessed with just one life and we get to it live fully, then why not make the most of it? Instead of procrastinating it to some other event in your life, why not just do it now.. Live like there’s no tomorrow! At least that is what I think.

And Honestly, with all that has happened in my life, that’s what I have learnt  – You live only once.. do i t right.. or u’ll regret it all your life..

You have a job you hate.. QUIT and start over..

A marriage that doesn’t make you feel like going back home..  WALK OUT..

A someone you love.. GO CONFESS..

A trip you have been dying to make – Pack your bags and leave..

and if not, then some day in life..You’ll find yourself sitting on a bench, in the middle of winter, with a coffee, imagining how different it would be if you had made that move..