The Uncertainty Principle

He gave them an adrenaline rush,
Took them to mountains and to fields lush.
He was a guide, taught them well,
Known as adventure, took them to heaven from hell.

He, on the other hand was just a fraud,
Pretending to be him, he became their God.
Adopted and preached by the pop culture,
He was foolishness, impersonating as adventure.

The two religions, with uneven believers,
Fought for supremacy, increased their followers.
Judged each other, called pussies and fools,
The thin line in between, visible only to jewels.

They took care, but in turn feared,
They, unaware of fear, never cared.
When the eyesight is lost, the line is seen,
But time and our host, can really be mean.

A moment of fun, transformed in a split second,
To a lifetime’s ordeal, the stars beckoned.
The others were sad, for the friends they had,
did what was cool, without thinking…

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