Coz I am missing her.. more than ever before !

Goofy 😦

Secretive Writer

If you have read my blogs, you shud be familiar with my bestie..


So we were just chatting about my blog and I asked her to write a note, para, anything for me, or on us..

So this is how she describes me :

‘Nautanki’ this is how i would like to introduce this person in my life (though she has many names such as  Sugar, chappal, dhakan, raavan, anjaani & yes every name has a looooonnng story to it) ..

She is mad-crazy-childish yet very matured n very very choosy whn it comes to people. Friends with the whole world , but is close to  very few.. She has this concept of ‘AL’..(read : ALL, signifying the world to her) no not a type error its just that though she is good friends with many, her AL consists of only two special people – The boy who calls her…

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