I wrote this the first time i flunked in my life.. Uh..Memories !!

Secretive Writer

It gets to you.
You blame God about being unfair and your luck being rotten..
You get jealous about other people’s success..
You become cranky.. In short, Failure brings out the worst in you..
But what is it about failures that affects, upsets you so
much. Maybe it is the fear of letting down & disappointing people you love. Maybe it is just the hesitance in starting over
things again. Maybe it is nothing.

Maybe it is just us.

Maybe it is just a phase that shall pass, but meanwhile also teach you the value of Success..
Maybe geting success easily wouldnt have the same charm that success upon failure has.
Maybe it helps you distinguish people from the ones who care to who dont.
Maybe it helps you push the worst in you to bring out your better side.
Maybe it just is God’s way of restoring faith…

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