The bumpy road might look daunting..

The unknown journey might be taunting..

The total lack of familiarity all of a sudden,

Might just make your feet heavy..


The Lamp of your bright life,

Might start dimming..

Blurring reality and your dreams,

You might just want to close your eyes,

and wish that it was just a bad dream..

This may seem like the end of the world..


Life may seem colorless,

Unknown and Ruthless..

The wind might not sing to you..

The leaves might not dance at your tunes,

The stars might not shine as much as you want,

But when you wake up tomorrow,

It will all be good..

and in the times so bad, you’ll be able to say –

I’ve been there..Nothing could be worse..

I’ve been there..

and Here I am now.. to look at a beautiful tomorrow..

and I’ve been there..”


P.S : I doubt this even makes sense.. It doesn’t rhyme.. It’s not amazing.. It is just my scribbling to take of my mind from everything else.. Ramblings !