A cupboard full of

everything,much and a lot

Oh! but that is my life.

which direction do i start from?

is the question I ask.

I am away but

here I am at last.

I haven’t run out

of space quite yet

but i can no longer

live with this mess.

so i start out with

a room full of friends

and little friendship.

The first room down the hall…


I sift through pictures

and find my face there

looking happy with a smile.

Surrounded by those who claim

to be friends and best friends

now and for life.

I look at the room once again,

find nothing worth discarding.

So i leave the door open


For me they will always be here.


One step out and i see that door

something pulls me towards it

and then my world spins…

Turned up side down

inside out I lay.

Trapped in what i thought

was a room but

turned out to be a maze.


For countless days

and minutes and then some

lost even to time

I walked and ran

and ran then dragged

myself here and there.

I kept saying ‘I’ll find a way’

till i lost what i was looking for.


I kept looking over my shoulder

hoping to see a familiar face

but all I saw was empty space

and turns leading to no where.

Yes, i broke down and lost more

than just my way.

but then i couldn’t do it anymore…


Couldn’t wait for better nor worst

the line between the two was

long past blur.

Couldn’t wait for someone or the rest

how could those who are lost

ever find me?

Couldn’t wait for the weakness to fade

or the strength to grow.

I just had to move

from here to there

with or without a clue.


Somehow, I don’t know when

the maze shrunk around me

and became a room.

A huge door stood ahead.

A simple twist of the knob

and I was free…


Without a thought i

walked back to the first

door down the hall.

The door stood ajar

and i could hear chatter.

I peeked inside to find

my friends and best friends

for life..or so to speak.

They waved at me

as though no time had passed.

I waved back,smiled and shut my eyes.


Who said empty is bad?

I have more space now

and am glad,

for i know what counts,

what’s real..

I have thrown the fake out.

I like this better,

have learned that its true

An empty home is more alive

than any full room.