This post is not written by me. I came across this on “Inspiring young India” on facebook. It was worth sharing..


Sharing a brilliant post by Mr.Charudutt Acharya, a Hit and Run ‘survivor’

If There is a HIT and there is a RUN. A hit can happen due to various reasons including elevated levels of alcohol in the blood. But a run happens when there are elevated levels of inhumanity and arrogance in the blood. A run happens when there is confidence in a corrupt system to back you up. A run happens when you know that money and ‘Bhai power’ can ‘settle’ things.
Salman Khan ran for 13 years. He first ran from the accident site and then did all money and power could do to keep himself running.
As such, driving drunk is equivalent to giving a loaded AK47 in the hands of a chimpanzee in a crowded street. It’s a no brainer @ don’t drink and drive. But it’s a token take away from this case.
This case is really not about drunken driving. It’s about shameless, cowardly running. A macho star running from the ghosts of victims of a ‘single –screen’ class that subsidizes his stardom, and a shit scared, spineless film industry running to absurdly defend the star who subsidizes their 100 crore clubs.
So each one of you who is expressing rage over this verdict and standing in solidarity and support for Salman Khan, picture this.
You were at American Bakery buying jelly pastries for your near and dear ones at home. You step out and boom! A drunk Salman Khan knocks you down. Your one leg is a smashed jelly pastry now. He gets out, looks at you, sits in his car and f*cks off.
For 13 years you go through operations, implant failures, infections. You are in debt. You wake up in cold sweat often. You cry when your kids want to play football with you. And you keep going to court for hearings where all the time the large hearted human being Khan says he was not at the wheels. He does not even recognize you. Maybe he even smiles and waves at you thinking you are his fan.
Then this judgement comes. Salman gets five years. Out of which one year gets pardoned for good behaviour. And in the remaining four years, he gets several privileged and entirely illegal paroles to attend parties and chill out like his good pal ‘innocent –gun lover ‘Sanjay Dutt gets. Or Jessica Lal’s baby faced murderer Manu Sharma gets.
2019. Salman is out in four years, back into the lap of luxuries and stardom. Maybe starring in his own bio-pic.
But YOU continue sit in the ‘handicap’ seat of a bus like you have been doing for the last 18 years. You sit in the corridors of hospital waiting for the doctor to tell you that finally your bone is united. You sit at dance parties. You sit on the beach. You SIT a lot. You sit your entire life out.
So go figure.”

-Charudutt Acharya [ hit and run survivor ]


P.S : He is a star. He has done lot of charity. All said and done, we shouldn’t deny that yes ! he is the person behind the case and the wheels which changed some-one’s life. We can’t deny that had this been any normal ‘aam aadmi’ the sentence wouldn’t have been suspended. Law should be same for all.

What’s your say ?


P.P.S : This is a personal opinion and no offence to anybody.