I loved. I changed. I messed up.  
I tried. I gave up. I tried to give up. I hung on. Stayed on. Regretted. 
I ran. I walked. I travelled. I moved. I looked. I felt. I touched. I read. I wrote. I clicked. Captured.
Met people. Liked them. Didn’t like them. Judged them. Stalked them. I corrected. I mocked. I socialized. I pitied.
I slept. I dreamt. Ate. 
I felt happy. Sad. Angry. Hurt. Upset. I cried. Hungry. Even more hungry. 
I bit my own tongue. I tried not to laugh. Laughed, anyway. I sang. I tried to dance. I partied. 
I pleased. Tried to be pleased. I apologized. I wanted it. Didn’t want it. 
I studied. I misused. 
I applauded. Stood up. Sat down. I felt foolish. 
I hurt people. 
I was wasted. I hated.  I broke down. I got back on. I was slow. I picked pace. I was made fun of.  I laughed along. I forgave. I forgot. I didn’t know. N then I did. 
I wished. I prayed. For this, for that. I believed. Still believing. 
I dwelt on things. I tried not to. I pondered. 
Wandered. Felt lost, found my way. 
I learnt. Tried to.
Still learning.
Trying to.