The trouble with sunrise is that it comes and it goes. And the gardens, when in a sombre mood, while filled with thorns, will be devoid of a single rose. I accept that clouds will hover sometimes and to give us false promise of rain. But, bubbles will form and bubbles will burst and bubbles will form again. Smilingly, I will say, silent will be my screams, cold will be my anger and empty will be my pain.


The one charm of the past is that it is the past. (by Oscar Wilde) But, the winds do not know this. Sometimes, the winds have come and gone centuries ago, but the leaves are still rustling today. A tiny part of ocean lives inside us. What are oceans, if not the tears of the earth? All the pain piled together at one place over time and time again. The pain of lost moments and lost dreams. The pain of the future that couldn’t be. What we are sad for is what we are. What we do to overcome the sadness is what we can be. All brave hearts are meant to be broken. A few braver hearts are meant to heal. All we need is a little will.

There is a reason why we can not carve a piece of our heart and keep it for safekeeping for a distant future. We are always in it with everything we have got. We can not catch a spark. It flickers and go. But, sometimes, it can bless us with a fire in our darkest times. Times that tell me, if I am the person I do not want to be or I am the person I imagined myself to be. Like most other things, perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Sometimes, I tend to sink under my own heavy heartbeats. When that happens, just tell me how we met, and I will find our happiness even in lonely streets. I want you to know, there was a place inside my heart that I had never visited before. The path, which led there, I never knew, existed. Until now.

Time and moments will rush by and we will remain strong together. WE. Me and Words. Words and Meaning. Meaning and Life. Life and You. Every time, we will trust each other, we will trust ourselves a little more. The path ahead is beautiful, colorful and also spotted with troubled rocks. Kiss them. They will turn into fragrant sunflowers. They will wait for the morning.Because, the blessing with sunrise is that it goes and it comes.