Sleepless nights.
Unvoiced sighs.
The absence of him touching through my skin,
The absence of his voice..
Silvery moonlight.
Star-spangled skies.
Like a sad lover, 
The night weeps on dawn’s doorstep.
Neither can remain in the presence of the other.
The hazy red of sunrise.
The wind in my hair.
The parting gift of the dying night –
Is a nip in the air.
And the glare of the sun,
A rude awakening.
Was I another Pygmalion
In an absurd dream?
Doomed to love a mound of stone till death.
Doomed to long for him to awake.
Whilst he slept his blissful, eternal sleep.
Perhaps, after all-
He was never mine to keep..
He was never mine to keep..