I wrote this ages back and now you are all I have.. I am being thankful for you again..


She is My Best Friend..
My Goofy..
Loves Dancing..Her Specialty is Item Numbers ( Current Favourite would be any rapchik item number)..
She is insanely addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.. I remember her feeling tragic over George’s death.. 😦

Thinks a lot.. Or more than a lot &  comes up with the Craziest Conclusions.. Somethings Never Change !

But Most of the times (Read : Alwaysss) she is everything I need in a friend..

Most of the times She is my Family..She is my only family now

Most of the times her stupidity is what keeps me going.. and her strength.. and her belief.. and her support..

Most of the times she is the Girl who makes me Smile 🙂

Who loves me when I hate the world !