Beginnings and endings,
Mornings and nights.
Smiles and sorrows,
Thoughts and words.
Dreams and reality,
Love and hate.
Here and there,
In and out.
High and low
Together and alone.
As Opposites they are together
Yet Different from each other.
Not meant to be…

A glass half filled,
Is also half empty.
To each there is more
‘One’ stands incomplete.
You fill me up,
Yet a part remains empty.
You’re the sunshine,
I’m the darkness deep.

The space isn’t between us,
It is within me.
How can something broken
Ever Be Whole & Complete?

A fresh page you are,
But I’m the broken pen.
How can you write a song
That has no melody?

I am but a broken mirror
How can I reflect Beauty?
If you come too close,
I’ll cut a wound deep.

I’ve said this once,
I’ll say it again.
I am in love with you,
But you should leave.
There is still time,
Walk away from me.
Or all you’ll be left with
Is a Broken Me.