I have never read something that has spoken what my heart has to.. as much as this post !!

Soliloquies About Life

locked heart You still hold the key to my locked heart.

How it all started was not one for the movies nor for books nor blogs. It wasn’t at all spectacular. It didn’t feel like a fireworks display. No — it was simple, ordinary, plain. We started as friends — laughing and teasing each other whenever we hang out. It was obvious that you liked me and I didn’t say a thing. I just went on as I would if we were only friends and you did the same. No attachments. No confessions. But there was something else — a mutual agreement in silence that in time I will be yours and you will be mine.

We never made it there, though. Along the way, we lost whatever it was that we have – had. Bit by bit, piece by piece, it all went crumbling down. I am not sure where I lost…

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