Another Award.. Yayyy !!!

The Beautiful Blogger : Smiling Notes has nominated for this blog. Thank you so much 🙂

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My Answers to her questions 🙂

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    Actually, It was bestie’s idea.. I told her I suck at writing and she said make a blog and you will know how well you write when people ill love your work.. I made it to prove her wrong and the fell in love with it ❤

  2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
    Of playing Holi.. It’s the best festival ever.. I love holi..
  3. What advice would you give to your younger self?
    Remember to take one day at a time and be yourself.. and That “This too shall pass”
  4. What superpower would you love to have?
    Reading Minds, any day…
  5. Which celebrity would you love to meet? Why?
    Shahrukh Khan.. He is the love of my life.. He is Shahrukh Khan ! Period .

  6. Do you like sweet or spicy food?
    Spicy Food. I detest sweet food..

My nominations :




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My Questions for all of you 🙂

  1. Which is the most powerful thing in this world,according to you ?
  2. What are your first impressions of my blog?
  3. Tell me a Habit you can’t live without you.
  4. If you could be allowed only one thing to what the rest of your life, what would that be ?
  5. Love is ???