Him.. and I cried (of happiness) the day I said I love you

and he said I love you too…

Secretive Writer

Heard a bike roar in the distance,

And just thought about a man I know,

Very unlike the organized men I see,

Loves to just go with the flow …

Let me tell you about this man I know,

He is smart, talented and very funny,

He has the heart of a little boy ,

Oh!! And he loves Butter Chicken..

About this man I know ,

There is just ONE like him and not a breed,

You can talk computers and movies and his love for Naruto,

But if it is interesting it has to be an R.D350’s/Duke’s Speed

This man I know ,

He has the drinking and smoking vice,

but doesn’t smoke pot on the road..

He doesn’t like veggies at all,

And somehow 1 shawarma is never suffice .

Let me tell you about this man I know,

The whole world said something and judged him,

He took it…

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