I’m the kinda girl who’ll want to take walks on empty streets in the middle of the night with ice cream and a little bit of company. The kind who’ll go to bookstores and scan around and buy a lot of books at one point and then none at all. I am not one bit sporting when I lose and I get so cranky that every one wants to chuck stuff at me. I’m the kind who’d want to make my house from flea market shopping. I get disappointed when people die in films and books and I get anxious when people lose love, even if it’s fiction. I cry a lot when I watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Anjali realises it’s Tina he’s in love with. I don’t cry when genuinely not-so-nice things happen to me, till a point. I love swings. I will definitely have in my house. When I read or think, I twirl a strand of my hair on the top of my head.
Jannat songs make me sick. It just reminds me of a bad phase of my life.
I hate those nail cracking..noise.. the noise of chalk on the board.. you know what I mean.. my teeth start crackling.. Urgh !
People clicking me makes me feel very, very conscious.
I love white.
I’m addicted to Candy Crush. I’ve always wanted to do an oil painting with warm colours. Spicy Tangy food is my favourite things.
I don’t think ‘I Love You’s should be thrown around because they just mean way too much. Too much !
I hate Beer. I like brightly coloured umbrellas. I think i am loving to cook . I believe in soulmates, just not the forever part. I love glitter pens and coloured tapes and craft paper. I love stationery.
I like my Subway with cheese melted on the inside, not toasted, just melted. With LOT OF lettuce, cucumber, only two slices of tomatoes, lot of capsicum, onions, too much jalepeno peppers and no olives.. with lots of Southwest, Mint , Barbeque Sauce and lots of Sweet Onion. 
Just in case anyone wants to buy me one. 🙂
P.s : I was just too bored. I have written too much about him. So to divert myself, a little randomness about me 🙂