To the girl who sang with me.. Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka..

To the girl who taught me to live my life..

To the Girl who made life special, just by being in it..

To the Girl who makes me smile, no matter what the situation is..

To my kiddo...

This is to you, PG.. (she chose the name,once)

For being there, when I needed you ..
For telling me it was okay, not to hold everything thing together..
For telling me it was okay to fall apart..
For making pop-corns when I was hungry..
For cooking the special dal.. uppar se masale wali..
For being the mad girl who I hugged and crieed in middle of our park..
For being the kid you are.. for teaching me to live..
This is for crying over the phone because you’re thinking about death. This is for never, ever crying otherwise and avoiding all the nautanki.
This is to all the shots and the cakes you made..
This is for all those lunches at every possible place.. For Sunlight.. This is to nachos and Cheese Paprika Fries and sharing Coke.
This is to eating with you because everyone else cares too much about their weight to eat like we do..
This is for the ugao-khao dreams..
This is for movies..and saturdays..
This is for wanting to drink beer and hating it..
This is to you doing the most messed up things in the world and still being perfect.
This is because you know everything about everyone. I don’t know how you do it. This is to you being so social and complaining about it.
This is for our Kalaghoda stair’s moment and the ‘raahat’ ki saans..
This is for the antakshari through the night.
This is to you for being everything that I could have wished in a sister..
This is to you because you’re the only person I could drink with and not feel guilty about it. This is to you for telling me how it’s okay for me doing what I want with whoever I want and not feeling guilty about anything ever.. This is because this post was long over due.
This is because I don’t know where you are right now.. or if you will ever read this..but I miss you terribly..heart-breaking terribly..
This is because I type you a mail everyday and can’t send it..
This is to all the years, laughter, few tears, all the jokes, the food, the sitting in park together, the bus-car rides, bad hair days, bad face days, bad days and the brilliant you and me days. This is for being the nicest friend n the best daughter ever.

I wish I ccould write more, but I can’t put everything that you have been into words.. So all I am gonna say is..

I love you, PG. I do. Always !

I miss You !