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This is to you,Ms. PG..

To the girl who sang with me.. Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka..

To the girl who taught me to live my life..

To the Girl who made life special, just by being in it..

To the Girl who makes me smile, no matter what the situation is..

To my kiddo...

This is to you, PG.. (she chose the name,once)

For being there, when I needed you ..
For telling me it was okay, not to hold everything thing together..
For telling me it was okay to fall apart..
For making pop-corns when I was hungry..
For cooking the special dal.. uppar se masale wali..
For being the mad girl who I hugged and crieed in middle of our park..
For being the kid you are.. for teaching me to live..
This is for crying over the phone because you’re thinking about death. This is for never, ever crying otherwise and avoiding all the nautanki.
This is to all the shots and the cakes you made..
This is for all those lunches at every possible place.. For Sunlight.. This is to nachos and Cheese Paprika Fries and sharing Coke.
This is to eating with you because everyone else cares too much about their weight to eat like we do..
This is for the ugao-khao dreams..
This is for movies..and saturdays..
This is for wanting to drink beer and hating it..
This is to you doing the most messed up things in the world and still being perfect.
This is because you know everything about everyone. I don’t know how you do it. This is to you being so social and complaining about it.
This is for our Kalaghoda stair’s moment and the ‘raahat’ ki saans..
This is for the antakshari through the night.
This is to you for being everything that I could have wished in a sister..
This is to you because you’re the only person I could drink with and not feel guilty about it. This is to you for telling me how it’s okay for me doing what I want with whoever I want and not feeling guilty about anything ever.. This is because this post was long over due.
This is because I don’t know where you are right now.. or if you will ever read this..but I miss you terribly..heart-breaking terribly..
This is because I type you a mail everyday and can’t send it..
This is to all the years, laughter, few tears, all the jokes, the food, the sitting in park together, the bus-car rides, bad hair days, bad face days, bad days and the brilliant you and me days. This is for being the nicest friend n the best daughter ever.

I wish I ccould write more, but I can’t put everything that you have been into words.. So all I am gonna say is..

I love you, PG. I do. Always !

I miss You !



A to Z Challenge.. H – Him !

Him !



Hesitant (Always)


Hot (Ahem :p)



Husband  **



(He’s my Chandler)

**Would-be , Should-be (Courtesy : Goofy’s Barney)

P.S A to Z challenge 

This Is Why You’re My Best Friend

We’re best friends (Ok, correction.. You are my best friend) because you get it. I’m not sure what that means (it’s all so vague) but whatever it is, you get it. I don’t need to explain anything to you or worry if you’ll get the joke. You already got it and are on your way to making the next one. Thanks!

We’re best friends ( Na-Na, You are my best friend) because you love me  (Sorry, whatever you do ) even when I’m terrible.

We’re best friends (sorry,.. You are my best friend)  because you get up every morning, just so that I get my bus on time.. You are my good luck, when it comes to buses, results and everything else..

We’re best friends (sorry, but yet again.. You are my best friend)  because you correct me every time I sing the lyrics of songs incorrectly, and start playing antakshari with me randomly..

We’re best friends (Oops.. You are my best friend)  because you don’t judge me .. you let me be.. More imporatanlty, You are the Best ‘Read – between-the-line-person’ I know..

We’re best friends (Aaargh.. You are my best friend)  because you are the nicest human being, ever.. and when, you think you are the worst person to deal with, that may deduct points in being nice.. but you still stand at Number 1 of Nicest people List..No matter what you do, or don’t do, you are everything I look up to.. (that includes you not being with ‘my friend’ or standing up for others ..even if its just a song.. :p)

We’re best friends (Last – last.. You are my best friend)  because you are gonna smile through this small post and still say that I am an idiot..and maybe, you’ll send me a smiley.. not say much..but you let me know You love me (Once, maybe ?) when I need to hear it the most.. (I need to hear it often now)..


We’re best friends (Last time , Pukka ! )  because people come and people go.. but you stay !!

You are my best friend..

You are my smile between frowns..

You are my prize possession..

You are my sunshine.. on any day !!!


People who stay :)

Not everyone, and not everything, is meant to stay. There are things you don’t want to happen but they will and you have to accept ,people you can’t live without but you have to let go . Some circumstances and people come into your life just to strengthen you, so you can move on without them. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever, maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through our lives to bring us something , a lesson we need to learn , and that’s why they are there.

And as they say Most great things in your life won’t happen by chance, they will happen by choice. Same goes with people. While some people come in our lives for going,  there are others who choose to stay, no matter what circumstances, no matter what happens and where life takes you. They are there round the corners . If you look back , you’ll realise some people who were once a huge part of ur life arent there today, maybe because of circumstances or just lost touch in the busiest lifes. Dont feel sad about them , instead think of the people who make your world a special place just by being in it. There are people in everyone’s life who stick to you by your pony tail days to your wedding day and even beyond that , the people whom you took bicycle rides with and now celebrating the joy of first salary. Life is indeed all about such people only. They are the ones who will irritate you the most , fight with you , become unbearable at times but these unbearable ones are the ones you need the most in your life. Be thankful for the people who came and never left.


P.S : To my new friend , I just hope (pray) you are one of them 🙂

Ek Dost !

It was a fabulous day.. Not the way it was planned but awesome (details on that later) AND that is how most of us find Happiness – Unplanned..

01st June 2013.

It was a day I met a friend, somebody with whom I have been planning to meet for over than a year but couldn’t.. Finally, We met today..So I thought of doing a post for/of him..

Mr. Friend & I go a long way.. The times when we somehow ended up making friends and chatting on Facebook for sometime..

For some reason (Weird ones, though!) We lost touch..

And then one fine day.. he messaged me saying that He is shifting base to another city that weekend..

22nd November, 2011..

The evening he was about to leave, I called him up to wish him Luck for his new Beginning.. (That, was our first telephonic conversation) and we ended up talking for till wee hours of the morning.. Yeah.. I don’t really know the reasons, maybe we both were trying to get over our heartbreaks (That is another story.. the people whom we were trying to get over were dating each other – Small World I tell you..)

Our calls became more regulars, our conversations more deep.. I don’t know if we were really falling for each other or just helping each other get over the past.. whatever it was, It was nice, beautiful..

None of us “loved ” each other but yeah,

We were crazy, so were our conversation.. We spoke about every damn thing in the world..

We were great friends.. We were important to each other.. But lastly and most importantly ..We made each other Smile !!!Image

However, Sooner than later, I realized , I could not get over “The Boy who called me Sugar” and maybe Mr. “Friend” was just an escape.. Which was wrong, totally..

I didn’t wanna hurt Mr. Friend in the bargain, so I started keeping distance from him.. Meanwhile, Mr. Friend met an old-forgotten school mate who in months become his Soul-Mate..

I was happy and scared for him.. Happy because He was in Love.. Scared because I hope it was Love.. Forever types love..


The Guy I met today, may not be the same person I met 2 years back.. He is less – reserved and more mature then he was..

HE is a married man, today.. happy too , (I hope…. & Touch wood)

But something about him has changed.. something I can’t express.. Hmm.. He smiles more, but seems less happy..I mean Dil se wala happy..

He seems to have made peace with Life…not in a good way though..

He seems to have packed a part of him in a box and promised not to let it out, ever.. The part of him that got attached easily.. The part of him that got hurt.. The part of him that felt happy.. The Part of him that I found missing today..

He seems to be looking for something…… Peace, Happiness, Love, Probably I don’t know.. I just hope he finds it at the right place…..

No ! He is no Sad-Soul.. He is of the few people who can smile easily and brighten up other people’s day.. He is got the sense of humor that would tickle you till days..

He is fun , Loving.. Adorable !

Just that, He is not himself anymore..



All I want him to know is, I am there..

No matter how often or seldom we meet or talk,

No matter which continents we stay in..

we are still under the same sky and I am there.

As I always say.. I’ll be there for you..Today, tomorrow and forever.. 🙂


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