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Leibster Award !!

Another and the last one for today ! Phew !!

Ive been nominated for a Leibster award by the amazing WaffleMethis. Thank you so much 🙂

You guys should check out her blog , she writes beautifully !!

The rules for the award are as follows.

1.Thank the person who nominated you.
2.Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you.
3.Nominate some other bloggers for this award.
4.Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

My answers :

1. What is the thing you like about wordpress over other social sites?

    It Lets me Be.. Really ! and it was the first platform for my blog 🙂 Firsts are special 

2. Books or film which is your favourite? What is your favourite? And why?

Tough Choice.. Original Films .. I hate movies inspired by books ! In that case, Books..

3. Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

   Myself. Main apni favorite hoon. Every time I think I can’t do something, I remember doing all    impossible stuff and I am good to go 🙂

4. Who is the most fictitious inspirational person in your life?

    So many Characterless.. but probably Hrithik Roshan’s character in Lakhsya.. Goosebumps.     Respect. Inspiring.

5. What is your favourite time of year and why?

Right Now, nothing.. earlier it was July.. Always bought me happiness ! (God, read the hint)

My Nominations:)

Midnight Shadow



and anyone going through a writer’s block 🙂

My Questions !!

1. Your 3 best kept blogging secrets are…?

2. Your favourite post on my blog is?

3. Your favourite post on your blog is ?

4. If you could change your profession for a day, what would you want to be ?

5. Happiness is ?

As usual you are not obliged to take part but I would appreciate it if you do.
5.Notify the bloggers you have nominated.


100 Happy Days – Day 3

I have been posting it on Instagram on a daily basis.. time to update the blog !


Happiness is Grocery shopping…

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed..

Miss S 😄

The blessing with sunrise is that it goes and it comes…

The trouble with sunrise is that it comes and it goes. And the gardens, when in a sombre mood, while filled with thorns, will be devoid of a single rose. I accept that clouds will hover sometimes and to give us false promise of rain. But, bubbles will form and bubbles will burst and bubbles will form again. Smilingly, I will say, silent will be my screams, cold will be my anger and empty will be my pain.


The one charm of the past is that it is the past. (by Oscar Wilde) But, the winds do not know this. Sometimes, the winds have come and gone centuries ago, but the leaves are still rustling today. A tiny part of ocean lives inside us. What are oceans, if not the tears of the earth? All the pain piled together at one place over time and time again. The pain of lost moments and lost dreams. The pain of the future that couldn’t be. What we are sad for is what we are. What we do to overcome the sadness is what we can be. All brave hearts are meant to be broken. A few braver hearts are meant to heal. All we need is a little will.

There is a reason why we can not carve a piece of our heart and keep it for safekeeping for a distant future. We are always in it with everything we have got. We can not catch a spark. It flickers and go. But, sometimes, it can bless us with a fire in our darkest times. Times that tell me, if I am the person I do not want to be or I am the person I imagined myself to be. Like most other things, perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Sometimes, I tend to sink under my own heavy heartbeats. When that happens, just tell me how we met, and I will find our happiness even in lonely streets. I want you to know, there was a place inside my heart that I had never visited before. The path, which led there, I never knew, existed. Until now.

Time and moments will rush by and we will remain strong together. WE. Me and Words. Words and Meaning. Meaning and Life. Life and You. Every time, we will trust each other, we will trust ourselves a little more. The path ahead is beautiful, colorful and also spotted with troubled rocks. Kiss them. They will turn into fragrant sunflowers. They will wait for the morning.Because, the blessing with sunrise is that it goes and it comes.

What if I don’t wake up tomorrow ?

For more than a month now , I have been sleeping with a hope of not getting up the next day..

and then today morning, When I felt really alone.. I thought to myself.. Is this ME ?

I have been someone who fought and did not wish for a easier way-out ever.. So, today instead of hoping that I don’t get up ..I thought of what if I really don’t wake up tomorrow ?

What will happen to the dreams I yet have to full-fill.. dreams of painting walls around the world, or becoming a home-chef..

What will happen to the unfinished stories in my head and the blank pages of my diary ?

What will happen to my hard-earned CA Degree ?

What about the people I forgot to confess my love to or the chances I never took ?

What about the places I am yet to see and the books I have never read ?

What about the life I wanted to cherish and the home that I wanted to build.. the wishes yet to be full-filled and the ones that I still have to make ?

Its’s not about the suffering of my family or the emptiness in the life of the Man I love.. The vacuum in the life of people who love me… It’s about Me !

And I feel free….

I don’t know how free I am today of all the unwanted ties.. bt I know am closer to freedom than I was yesterday ☺

I don’t know how much this will reduce my pain but I know I won’t have to love with it forever..

I don’t know how much life will get better now.. but I know (hope) that it won’t get worst. .

And for the first time in my months.. For some unknown reasons, I feel free.. I feel happy.. I feel alive..

It maybe shortlived but thus is how I feel now and no one can take it away from me 🙂

Carpe Diem !!


I found this very well-written, true to its element note on Tumblr and a blog and I thought I’d share it here.

Here it is.

“1. Do not kill yourself. Killing yourself is very messy and your mother will cry over you. It is not beautiful or brave, and even if it was, you will not be around to see that.

2. Washing your hair is going to be a chore. But you should do it anyway. Because you will feel better about yourself.

3. Get up late. Have a lay in. Sleep past your alarm. You have a very long life ahead of you and for now you should appreciate the cold side of your pillow.

4. He/she is going to break your heart but he’s just another human who finds it hard to deal with Mondays, too. So in a month you’ll wake up and you won’t even remember that little scar on his/her cheek you kissed.

5. Don’t spend hours looking up what your name means on google. Your name is your name and you should go out there and do heroic and good deeds and give your name your own meaning.

6. Don’t fight your demons. Your demons are here to teach you lessons. Sit down with your demons and have a drink and a chat and learn their names and talk about the burns on their fingers and scratches on their ankles. Some of them are very nice.

7. Music is good for your soul. Some music will energise you and boost your ego and pop music will cheer you up. Indie music will make you think and emotional songs will make you cry and think about that Love again. It’s healthy.

8. Sadness is not poetic. Depression is not beautiful. Laying in bed all day and eating too much is lazy and disgusting and it is not tragic or pretty. Get up. Go outside. Let the sun warm your bones. Live.

9. If it makes you happy, buy twenty of it. Dedicate your life to it. Print it on tv shirts and collect things and draw art of it. Do not care what people think. They are the unhappy people you need to avoid. The abuse they will hurl at you is painless compared to how sad they are. Pity them. Remain happy.

10. You are allowed to be angry. But the world is not working against you. The flowers do not bloom for you and when your mother shouts ask her if she is okay instead of thinking she hates you. She never will. The world walks beside you and is silent. It does not trip you up or carry you.

11. Eat when you are hungry. Being bored does not constitute a chocolate bar. Sleep with you are tired. Do not mindlessly obey the sleep at night rule. If you are not tired, do not sleep.”

Some of these points made a lot of sense of to me. I hope they made sense to you too.

Or atleast, I hope they made for a good read.

Carpe Diem!

Looking for…

Walking on a path
where most find themselves,
I seem to find
not even the shadow of me.

Life never felt like a war before.
Now its all about,
One day at a time
Only to see myself survive today
and fall weak tomorrow.

This journey has brought,
much good to me.
People, most precious to me.
But now its on a down swing.
how i want to hold on to that
But don’t wish to drag them in.

So I’m in this alone
my will to survive
gets weaker as i go.
not giving up yet
just looking…
Looking for a life,
To start Living again.

I Simply read this on facebook and just couldn’t help sharing it..11222464_640383999425567_6678824885780555491_n


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy – 1000 likes :)


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